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This Week in Photoshop

This week in Semester 2 Photoshop, students will finish their Text Portrait.

Semester 1 Photoshop students are speeding through the tutorials at an amazing pace!  This week they will concentrate on learning the text tool.

Photoshop 2 (second year) students will be continue with their portraits.

In Multimedia, students will create Valentines for the Life Skills students using their skills in their choice of programs.  That's what Multimedia is about--not only learning the programs, but learning which program to choose for a given task.

Have a great week!

Challenge: Expand your skills!

In Photoshop 2nd semester this week, students will work on the Text Portrait Project.  I have set aside the entire week for this project, because of the level of difficulty and the number of videos that accompany it.  If you follow along with the videos using your own image, your success rate will be much higher than if you try to wing it.  This is true of all our assignments, but this one in particular is a little tricky. To see examples, go to this link:  Text Portraits