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All classes:  

Productive Free Time:  What is it?  How do you earn it?  How do you lose it?

Get Student Info page turned in--last day for full credit.

Tomorrow is last day for working in groups.

Rubric:  How to fill out.  Fill your portion out now.   Each member gives the rubric to me just before leading the activity.

East:  Pick up a rubric for each member of your group
West:  Make sure each member has a link to all the other members on their blog.  If you don't know how to do that, please see me.
North:  Make sure everyone has their own graphic on their blog.
South:  Report to me at the end of the period.

 Start activities--one or two per day. 

Day 5

All classes:  

North:  Does each member have a blog?  Does each member have access to Canva (either on iPad or computers)? 

South:  Report to me your group's progress.  Have you written the rules/directions?  Have you decided on a Canva design? 

West:  Is your activity creative?  Is there something your group should do to make it more so?

East:  Have you recorded the rules?  Does each member have a rule or set of rules to use with Canva?

TSA Information from Mrs. Miller

Day 4

All classes:  

Example of a set of instructions made by members of a group:  Duck Duck Goose

Scheduled technology activities

Day 3

All classes:  


Review Supplies
Student Election:  Coming up
Rubric Draft
Knows and Need to Knows--what's that?

If you didn't pare down the list yesterday, do so now and send the list and the final idea to me (lmiller@nbisd.org)

Day 2

All classes:                                                                    

Review supply list from Day 1

Rules:  1st and Last 10 min of class no leaving; stay in seats until bell rings

Group Project: get to know your classmates 

Project Overview

Knows and Need to Knows

North/South/East/West "quiz"

Brainstorm Ideas for Activities


Welcome Back!

All classes:  

Welcome Back!

Please save this blog to your iPad home page so you can get to it easily.

Go to the following link to get the Student Information Page worksheet.
Student Information Page

Download the worksheet and open it in Notability.  Turn it in to eBackpack.

Complete the worksheet by answering the questions, placing a photo of yourself in the top left area and a photo of your schedule at the bottom. 

Please have the following supplies by the end of the week.  Please give me the sanitizing wipes but keep your headphones and notebook in your backpack.   Please label your notebook.

One pair of headphones, your preference of type

One container of sanitizing wipes (like Lysol wipes)

One composition notebook:

Flash Drive (you only need 1 Gigabyte, so don't get anything crazy expensive!):