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Day 5

All classes:  

Photoshop 1:
  • Open Photoshop, then:
    Watch and follow along with the video called:  Photoshop Interface
    (Forget how to get to the video page?  Click on the Resources tab above, then click on the link to the Graphics Design and Photoshop/Web Files)
    After, complete this video as well:
  • Custom Workspace
  •  When you are finished, take a screenshot (Command Shift 4) showing the name of your new workspace.  The image will show up on your desktop.
  • Upload your finished image to your blog along with a description about what you did or what you learned.
Photoshop 2:

Cont. with advanced work.

    Print and Image:                                                                            

    Blue Monster
    Upload your finished image to your blog along with a description about what you did or what you learned.

    Day 4

    All classes:  

    Watch and listen to Mac 1, 2 and 3 (on the videos and files page)
    Get caught up on creating your blog and entering your first post
    Turn in your Student Information Sheet and your Parent Letter.  Deadline 8:00 PM tonight!

    All Advanced students:

    Begin searching for projects/assignments/tutorials to work on.  You may work on learning the 3D aspect of Illustrator or Photoshop (depending on your class) if you like.  As soon as you find a project, please let me know what it is and a projected deadline.

    All Practicum students:  

    Go to Art-Heroes.org and sign up.
    • Use my name (Linda Miller) as the person who connected you with Art Heroes.
    • Explore the job listing areas.
    • Do you know a non-profit who might benefit from this site?  Let them know about it!  You could do the work and get credit for it for class and service hours if you need them!

    Day 3

    All classes:  
    Look at example blogs. 
    Create your own blog.

    Put my blog on your iPad home screen (will be checking for this on Friday)

    Don't forget:
    Supplies:  Headphones and Flash Drive

    By tomorrow end of day: 
    Sign up for Remind.com
    Parent Letter 
    Student Info Sheet

    Day 2

    All classes:  

    Put blog on home screen (will be checking for this on Friday)

    Supplies:  Headphones and Flash Drive


    Maleficent (If not watched yesterday)
    Sign up for iTunes U (see code below)
    Sign up for eBackpack (see code below)
    Sign up for Remind.com (see link)

    Go over Parent Letter (Due Thursday)
    Go over Student Info Sheet (Due Thursday)

    First Day Back!

    All classes:  

    Welcome back to school!

    It is going to be a great year!  I have some cool stuff planned and we have lots of students returning for Graphic Design 2 (aka Photoshop 2) and Practicum in Graphic Design.  We also have five students returning for their second year in Print and Image.  So welcome to all my returning students and new students as well.

    We are going to start the year off getting organized with the iPad and computer, and then we're going to jump right in to getting to know (or being reacquainted with) the software.

    First, here is the enroll code you'll need for iTunes U:  FC6-VYH-A33
    Everyone is signing into the same course.

    Here are the codes for eBackpack:
    1st Period:  4XEOW97ZR  
    3rd Period:  FJQ6WTHBY
    4th Period:  WH978K3XT
    5th Period:  OVT59H3SZ
    6th Period:  OZYFCT4WN
    7th Period:  GLBQYDCWJ

    You have two homework assignments that are due by Thursday: Parent Letter and Student Info Sheet.

    1. Have your parents read the parent letter and sign it at the bottom.  You then turn that in to eBackpack for your class period.
    2. Complete the Student Info Sheet and turn that in as well.
    Today"s agenda:  
    1. iPad Rule
    2. Accessing and saving classroom blog
    3. Quiz
    4. Questions
    5. Demonstration