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iPod Silhouette Movie

My son Mikey is a fanatic about Pan from Dragonball Z. He calls her his "girlfriend" and his big dream is that one day she will become real and he can kiss her (remember--Mikey's autistic, but what he lacks socially and intellectually he more than makes up when it comes to imagination).


When he saw what we were working on he asked if he could have his picture taken "kissing Pan." So, to mash two potatoes with one fork (I'm trying to find an alternative to "kill two birds with one stone," a phrase which I find extremely cruel, especially to the birds) I adapted the iPod silhouette assignment to fit the bill.

Here is a video of me completing the assignment with the pen tool in Photoshop (turn your volume up):


A few weeks ago Mikey participated in the Special Olympics State meet in Bowling. Here is a video of him making a spare--btw, he won a gold medal!

Website Gallery

As many of you know, I am no longer able to update my website from school, so I have to take my computer home and do it on the weekends. This has proven a problem lately because I've been so busy! But, I finally updated the Gallery and the links on the main page. The Gallery now has some of the hoax photos, and the main page links to the Videos and Files page.