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My Hardest Project to date

Taking 4 different photos and creating a family photo.  I was only able to do this because all the photos were taken in the same light.  The blond boy in the finished photo is actually pieced together using parts of him from several different photos--one of his arms is actually his brother's, lol.

All in all, not a bad day's work, even though it took several days to finish.

Folder Design Class Winners

Students in Photoshop are keeping a folder in which they will store their agenda, notes on shortcuts, common procedures, and their projects.  Students were required to "design" their covers with whatever means they wanted, then members of each class voted on a "class favorite."  Below are the winners for each class.  Great job, guys!

Photoshop 2 Work

I have a handful of Photoshop 2 students in each class.  Photoshop 2 students have completed a full year of Photoshop 1, and must be proven self-starters and be able to work independently.  Photoshop 2 students are enrolled during the same class periods as Photoshop 1, and each class has from 1 to 3 PS2 students.

Here are some of the projects these students are working on:

World Mosaic by Aaron L.