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Mt DenAli

Which used to be Mt Mckinley, the largest mountain in the US. It is
rare to be able to see the top, and at this time of year the only
mountain the sun hits. The road to Fairbanks was covered with snow and
ice, but the view was absolutely amazing! Along with the mountains and
snow, there were moose, porkupine, ice-covered rivers and even dog

Video of the Week: Empire State of Mind

This video tied for 4th place in the Tribute Video Contest:

Video Overall Winners

Congratulations to the following students for placing in the top 5 videos:
1st place: Failure by Stephen, 4th period
2nd place:  Unicorns by Ty, 7th period
3rd place: Earth, Nature and Animals by Anna, 7th period
4th place (tie):  911 and Empire State of Mind both from 5th period

Video of the Week

Mark G's Tribute to Mickey Mouse was voted 2nd Period's favorite video. Congratulations Mark!

Whataburger 12 Days of Christmas

If you're a Whataburger fan (who in Texas isn't?) you should head over to Whataburger.com for their 12 Days of Whataburger special. If you sign up, every other day you will receive a coupon for free food! Whataburger + "free food" = YUM!