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Tribute: Class Winners

The following is the outcome for class voting:

2nd Period:  
2nd place tie:  M&M's and Anderson Silva
1st place:  Mickey Mouse

3rd Period:
2nd place:  Gummi Bears
1st place:  Beatles

4th Period:
2nd place:  Baby Tribute
1st place: Failure

5th Period:
2nd place tie:  Zoolander and 911
1st place:  Empire State of Mind

6th Period:
2nd place:  War
1st place:  Unicorn Football

7th Period:
2nd place:  Unicorns
1st place: Earth, Nature and Animals

Tribute to Regina Spektor

Great job, Nicole--and 15 extra credit points for uploading to TeacherTube!

Guided Tour of Hot Technologies

You should check this out when you get the chance--you don't get access to everything (you have to but the program for that), but you can at least learn a little about Cha Cha, Zillow and other fun "Hot" technologies.

Video of the Week

Here is a great example of combining photos with the beat of the music to enhance the overall mood of your video.

Way to go Lucas!

Video Tributes

The video tributes are trickling in. I expect tomorrow I'll see the majority of them. What did you think of this project? What would you have changed? 

Let me know in the comment section below.

Video Contest

If you are enjoying your short experience with Movie Maker, and want to branch out, take a look at this contest:

What better way to honor a hero than with a video?

GoD n DoG

I love short videos--especially ones that make me smile! You don't have to be a dog lover to appreciate this one...

If you cannot see the video above, you can watch it here:

iPhone Users

There is an awesome (free) ap called Emoji--smiley faces for your texting pleasure!  Thanks, Jeffrey, for this tip!

Mac Users

I just downloaded a number of free apps from MacHeist.com.  These look like interesting apps, especially ShoveBox.  This site is definitely worth taking a look at.

[MacHeist is a website that resells Mac OS X shareware. The site has become known for its marketing tactics. These tactics include challenges (or "heists") that entitle successful customers to free software licenses and/or discounts, as well as the concept of selling software in a bundle that increases in size as more customers purchase the bundle. The site was founded by John Casasanta, Phillip Ryu, and Scott Meinzer.]  Courtesy Wikipedia.com

First Post

So, I have spent my evening converting the tutorial videos for your Video Tribute and creating this new blog.  I am hoping to post the best Holiday web sites here, as well as the best videos from the upcoming project.  What do you think about the project?  Exciting?  Fun?  Or just one more lame-o assignment?

(fyi, comments are checked and approved before they're posted.  That doesn't mean you can't be truthful, but it does mean you have to be polite and appropriate.)