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Call for Artists: Design our faculty t-shirt! Earn money!

The faculty t-shirt for 2012-13 will center around the theme "It's all about U!"  The design for the t-shirt is a unicorn pointing, like the old Uncle Sam posters.  The school is willing to pay up to $50 for the design.  Email me by July 3rd (at lmiller@nbisd.org) to let me know if you're interested. 

10 Gift Card Envelopes You Can Make

Tis the season for gifts!  Around our house, the end of May might mark the end of the school year, but it marks the beginning of the gift giving season for us.  Graduation, Father's Day, and NINE birthdays all fall between May 29th and June 29th! Add that to teacher gifts and coaches' gifts and, well, you get the idea.

What makes life easier during this time of year?  Gift Cards!

So to make life even easier, I designed a number of gift card envelopes that can be printed, cut and folded to give along with the card.  You can download these and print them yourself, but to make the envelope even more personal, use the recipient's face on the front.  She will think you are oh, so clever (which, of course, you are!). 
Photo Print and Cut Gift Card Envelope