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Photoshop Celebrates 20 Years!

Take a look at some of the cool features that have been added over the years:

Free Music?

Stealing music is a big no-no, but there are places on the web where you can actually get it free-legally. You might not be able to get to all of them from school, but they're out there. Here are a few I know of. Web students can download a small collection (no more than 25) so they'll have choice when it comes to creating their video project.

Look in the Browse MP3s sidebar for Free Songs & Special Deals




Free live concert recordings. Look for a link the the Browsing and Finding Shows section for "Browse artists with MP3s"

iTune Store:
At the bottom of the main iTunes Store page: look for a link called "Free on iTunes"
Find podcasts from your favorite bands--the podcasts are free and sometimes you'll get to hear a song in progress or even a jam session.

Viewing photos on iPhone or iPod

"Here's a problem you've probably encountered while trying to show someone else a picture in the iPhone's Photos app. As you pass the phone around, the accelerometer keeps flipping the image from portrait to landscape to upside-down landscape and back again. Annoying, right?

As it turns out, there's an easy way to fix this (at least on iPhone 3.1.2, which I'm running): just tap and hold on the image for a second or two and the phone will lock it into position. This might cause a "Copy" bubble to pop up, but it will disappear after a moment, and the image will retained locked, no matter which way you flip the phone. To unlock it, just tap the image again and you're done.

There are some exceptions. While the hint works if you're zoomed in on an image in portrait mode, if you're zoomed in while in landscape orientation, it doesn't--that suggests this might be more of a bug than an intentional feature. Unfortunately, this trick also doesn't appear to function in any of the other apps in which I tried it. But hopefully it will at least simplify the process of trying to show grandma pictures of the kids at your next holiday gathering."

from Macworld.com

Free Photoshop?

Gimp is a program that will give you some of the same tools that Photoshop has, and best of all, it's free! It certainly won't replace Photoshop, but if you're looking for a free image editor that has the same look and feel as Photoshop, you should try it out.

Books for your computer or iPod

Look in my shared folder and you'll find a folder of books that have been converted to txt files. These are books that are available free all over the Internet collected in one folder. They'll work on your iPhone if you have a "reader" app.

Why I want to invest in the Hearing Aid market...

Cartoons - The Week

Interested in Digital Filmmaking?

Check out this free class at the New Braunfels Public Library:

You have to be 16 and have access to a computer with video editing software--and guess what? You do! Learn the basics, and you can use your free time, or extra time before school, to use one of my Macs to do your editing.

Recorded Class Presentations

Have you missed a class or just need a review? Go to "Class Assignments" and scroll down to "Recorded Class Presentations." As we progress through the year, I'll be adding more and more videos to this section.

Tutorial for Devin

I know I'm a little late, but when I saw this today I thought you might be able to use it with your project.


Moving Computers

Every once in a while, it will be necessary to move students to different computers. For the most part, the process is fairly easy: just drag your folders from your documents folder to your flash drive, and on the new computer, drag them back to the documents folder.

But, if you've already put a lot of work into your collections in Adobe Bridge, it would be a shame to lose all that. To keep that information, you have to copy and paste your collections "preferences" file.

To get to the preferences file, open a Finder window and go to
User (that's you) > library > Application support > Adobe > BridgeCS5 > Collections.

Drag the Collections folder onto your flash drive. Then, when you get to your new computer, repeat the process, pasting your full Collections folder on top of the empty folder of your new computer.

btw, your keywords should transfer without any extra work on your part. The keywords become part of the "metadata," which is stored in the image itself.


On Tuesday (8/31) I reviewed the shortcuts you've learned so far, and you wrote them in your notebooks. For those of you who were absent, or who just want them in digital form, I've made a separate page on my blog to keep track of them. Look at the top of the blog page and you'll see a link called "shortcuts."