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Day 5

All Classes 

Note:  You will no longer use your iPads to watch videos.   After completing the Student Info Sheet, use the computer to watch the video I've indicated for your class below.

All Sections:
  1. Go  to iTunes U and download Student Info Sheet
  2. Open the document in Notability
  3. Complete the information using text boxes and type
  4. Turn the document into eBackpack
Note:  here is a link to the Information Sheet if you can't access it through iTunes U.
Gaming Graphics: Click on this link to watch four Illustrator tutorials.

Photoshop 1:
Open Photoshop, then:
Watch and follow along with the video called:  Custom Workspace
(Forget how to get to the video page?  Click on the Resources tab above, then click on the link to the Graphics Design and Photoshop/Web Files)
After, complete these videos as well:

Photoshop 2 and 3 (Note:  if you had Photoshop last year, the videos with ** are optional)

Day 4

Photoshop 2 and 3:  Do the Tasks below, then set up your workspace (there is a video tutorial)
Photoshop 1 and Graphic Design for the Gaming Industry:
Today you will learn to move around the Mac a little more efficiently, and to set up your space to suit your taste.  Click on the
link above, then click
"Graphic Design and Photoshop/Web Files"
to find the site that hosts almost all the videos and files you will need for this class.

Watch the following videos, then complete the tasks below.  (Watch all the videos first.)
Mac 1, 2, and 3

  1. Although you cannot get to the Dock Preferences, you can go to the Apple, then Dock to move the Dock or change how it looks.  You do not have to change how it looks, but you do need to have the following on your dock: 
    • Photoshop (make sure to "dock" the application, not the folder)
    • Firefox
    • iTunes
    • Microsoft Word
    • System Preferences
    • iPhoto
    • iMovie
  2. Set up your "Places" (the guy in the video has an older computer and instead of "Places," he has "Favorites") sidebar in the following order, top to bottom:
    • Desktop
    • Documents
    • Applications
    • Pictures
    • Movies
    • Downloads
    • Anything else you want to keep in the Favorites can go after Downloads
  3. Set up your desktop background to show anything other than the basic one (Note:  you will have to find an image on the web and right click it to make it your background, because the Preferences is unavailable.)
  4. Create a shortcut to the "Graphic Design/Photoshop and Web Files" website

Day 2

If you missed today you missed a very exciting day!  Here's a recap:
We went over the rules (paying attention (learning to sleep with your eyes open), food/drinks, video games, wheelie chairs, checking out headphones, charging station.
We also found my blog (which you're reading now) and bookmarked it on the iPad.  I suggested that your parents find and click the button on my blog that will send them an email when I post, because that is my version of "Monday Mail."
We checked all the iPad downloads and settings, etc., and made folders for each class in Notability.

Homework:  Make sure that in Notability you know how to create a new document, insert a photo and insert a text box.   Also, if you were not able to enroll in my class (see yesterday's post if you need the numbers) you definitely need to do so!

1st Day of School

Everyone today had homework to log in to iTunes U and sign up for my class.
Here are the codes to sign up:

Photoshop 1 (Graphic Design & Ill.)
--> D7N-F6K-F5B  
Photoshop 2 (Advanced Graphic Design & Ill.)
--> FWN-H5S-N93 
Photoshop 3(Practicum in Graphic Design & Ill.)
--> DRZ-HMT-9EE 
Graphic Design for the Gaming Industry (Print & Image Design)
Read my "teacher speech" about why we have iPads (and why it's definitely a Good Thing!).